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Welcome to Web Design Waukesha we specialize in both desktop and mobile web design that is built for the user experience (UX) and is mobile-friendly and responsive on all mobile devices.

Local Ads Agency has expert web development specialists catering to your local business needs.

We help many small businesses to medium-sized companies that are in need of web design in Waukesha and that offer services to their consumers.  Service-based businesses may include but are not limited to: painters, roofers, home improvements, dentists, any type of professional service, etc.

A website can help your Waukesha company get more phone calls or visits to your place of business, as long as it is built for not only the search engines but your potential clients as well.

Local Website Design Waukesha Wisconsin

If you have a local business in Waukesha Wisconsin and your company is brand new, or even older, you may be looking for website development.  If you don’t have a site or yours is in need of some TLC, we can help redesign or build you out a brand new website!

If you have been online for some time, and your business site is not ranking very well (or taken care of), it may be time for a newer up-to-date design.  One that is more user-friendly, easy to navigate, and can be seen on all mobile devices. It might be time to get a new web design for your Waukesha company.

Development of Waukesha Business Websites

First,  make sure you have a great domain name bought and it matches your company’s name.

Second, you should have a great hosting company for your website and one that has a backup system for it.  If something were to happen to it, you can just back the site up to its previous healthy state.  For hosting websites we recommend HawkHost as they have the best backup system.

Then it starts with the function of the website.  What will it be used for?  What are you looking to get out of it?

After that, pick out three websites that you like, or parts of them, and let us know what you like about their web design and why?  The more we know, the closer you are to getting the web design you want.

Finally, it’s just a matter of building out your digital asset, the website.

Once we have everything we need from you, it can take a week or so to have your Waukesha website up and running.

What do I need to give a website designer?

• Images
• Name of Services
• Name of Business
• Address
• Phone Number
• What keywords do you want your site to rank for if known
• WordPress Login
• Hosting Login
• Social Media URLs
• Access to Google Account (for hooking up Analytics and Google Search Console)

What do I get with Website Development Work?

  • WordPress website
  • Responsive website/ Mobile Friendly (Can be seen on all devices for the people that visit your site)
  • Pass Google Web Vitals for fast load time
  • Service Pages (Your Services)
  • Up to 10,000 words (Content)
  • Important pages: Privacy policy, Terms of Service, Contact, About
  • A responsive website design (Can be seen on all devices for your customers)
  • GBP (Google Business Profile) updated and fixed
  • Hook up Google Analytics (lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as who is using your site, how they found it, and more)
  • Hook up Search Engine Console (helps to measure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance of your site’s traffic, rankings, and technical structure)
  • Created for the user or UX (user experience) with UI (user intent)

We also like to add to our work with one-month SEO services to help your Waukesha company out a bit.

Web Development with SEO Digital Marketing

We can build you a website design that has search engine optimization applied to it, which helps in marketing your local company online.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is different than web design.  SEO is something that helps you rank in the search engines and be seen by your potential clients.

When marketing your company online, search engine optimization will help you get to the first page of Google and possibly the top where all the clicks are at.   This is a different service from web design.  Always ask your developers if they make sites with SEO, every Waukesha designer should.

For your Waukesha Wisconsin website to be found online in a search query, search engine optimization is the digital marketing service you are looking for.  This will help local customers find you in your area when searching for you online.

Search engine optimization services are mostly on-page content, and content is king when it comes to internet marketing online. It all comes down to research.  What an SEO agency does, is look at your competitors and see how they are doing online.  Does your site have enough content and is it easy to navigate, loads fast, etc.?   Do you have a contact form so your potential clients can easily contact you if it is not within your working hours.  There are a lot of little things that make up on-page optimization and if you need this service, you can contact us, and we’ll do the necessary research.

Where should I get a domain name?

There are quite a few places where you can buy a domain name for your business. A couple of the reputable ones are GoDaddy and NameCheap. Most domain registrars have an annual fee.

Where should I get hosting?

There are quite a few places where you can buy hosting for your website. We recommend HawkHost for hosting your website’s platform, as it has a great backup system and is very dependable. Most digital hosting companies have an annual fee, but some do offer monthly plans as well. Also, look for ones that have a backup and whose PHP is up to date. Most hosting companies these days have a backup for your website if something goes wrong, where you can just reinstall the backup and be up and running again.

Most hosting companies these days come with an SSL Certificate which makes your site secure. So instead of a website URL coming up as http:// it will show https:// and this is a factor that needs to be in play for the development of your site to keep it secure for visitors.

What does website Development cost?

Depending on where you get your site designed from, it can cost anywhere from $10,000+ to $1,000, but remember, you get what you pay for.

For an SMB, the average cost is between $1,000 – $10,000. Once you have the perfect web design for your Waukesha company, then what? You will need to pay someone to optimize it for the search engines and that can be 2x or 3x the cost of a web design. Otherwise, you will have a site that collects virtual dust and won’t do anything for you.

Why? Because you will need someone who knows how to create the best site that is search engine optimized so it can rank high in Google and your city of Waukesha. That is why we combine them together to create websites that are optimized and you get the best of both worlds when it comes to development and marketing your business online.

Who should I hire for the development of my site?

Keep this in mind when hiring anyone to work on your site: You typically get what you pay for with web development. A site that is not optimized for search engines is a virtual paperweight. Find someone that knows how to optimize your site not just for the search engines, but also for the visitors too.

At the end of the day, it is your business and money spent, so do not take a risk with a cheap designer as they may put your site at risk or they may give you something that won’t impress visitors, or worse won’t rank.

Custom Website Design

Custom web design is a must!  Some designers use cookie-cutter designs and often they are of poor design.  Don’t fall for a cookie-cutter website design, that’s just a marketing ploy.  Get a custom Waukesha WI web design for your local business that will be perfect for you!

Your website should have all the marketing needs for your business built into the design.  With all your service pages, contact us, about us, map to your location, and social media icons all built into the design for easy use for your potential clients.

Web Design Waukesha WI

Web Design Waukesha WI can help your small to medium-sized business get a better-looking online presence.

When you come to us for your digital marketing project such as web design, we offer the best web design we can in Wisconsin.  With Waukesha web design, you’ll get the best web design service for your Waukesha Wisconsin business.

Check out our Service Area where we offer services for Website Design. Also, check out our Web Design Packages to find the right fit for your local business.

Marketing your website with the right appeal to your potential customers is a must.  Let us help you design a website that you can be proud of!

Ready to get started with a better design? Click below to get your web development process going and get more in the door!

Here are some of the Waukesha Businesses we Provide SEO Services for:

  • Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling
  • Builders
  • Carpet Cleaner/Installer
  • Chiropractors
  • Cleaning Service
  • Construction
  • Dentists
  • Dining
  • Electricians
  • Fitness / Gyms
  • Flooring
  • Funeral Homes
  • Garage Door Repair/Install
  • Hair Salon
  • Handyman
  • Home Builder
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Security
  • House Painters
  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Care
  • Locksmith
  • Martial Arts
  • Nail & Hair Studios
  • Night Club
  • Optometrists
  • Pest Control
  • Plumber
  • Remodeling
  • Restaurants
  • Roofing
  • Security Systems
  • Siding
  • Snow Removal
  • Towing
  • Tree Service
  • Veterinarians
  • Windows and Doors
  • Yoga
  • Plus More…

If you don’t see your business listed or are interested in our services, contact us below:

About the City of Waukesha Wisconsin:

Waukesha is a city in and the county seat of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. It is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Its population was 70,718 at the 2010 census. The city is adjacent to the Village of Waukesha.

The area that Waukesha now encompasses was first settled by European-Americans in 1834, with Morris D. Cutler as its first settler. When the first settlers arrived, there was nothing but a dense virgin forest and wild prairie. The settlers laid out farms, constructed roads, erected government buildings, and established post routes.

The original founders of Waukesha consisted entirely of settlers from New England, particularly Connecticut, rural Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as some from upstate New York who was born to parents who had migrated to that region from New England shortly after the American Revolution. These people were “Yankee” settlers. In other words, they were descended from the English Puritans who settled in New England in the 1600s. They were part of a wave of New England farmers who headed west into what was then the wilds of the Northwest Territory during the early 1800s. Most of them arrived as a result of the completion of the Erie Canal as well as the end of the Black Hawk War. When they arrived in what is now Waukesha County, the New Englanders laid out farms, constructed roads, erected government buildings, and established post routes. They brought with them many of their Yankee New England values, such as a passion for education, establishing many schools as well as staunch support for abolitionism. They were mostly members of the Congregationalist Church though some were Episcopalian. Due to the Second Great Awakening, some of them had converted to Methodism and some had become Baptists before moving to what is now Waukesha County. Waukesha, like much of Wisconsin, would be culturally very continuous with early New England culture for most of its early history.

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