Internet Marketing Service Eau Claire WI

Internet Marketing Service Eau Claire WI

Hello and welcome to Local Ads Agency, helping local businesses online with internet marketing service Eau Claire WI.  We help marketing businesses with web design, SEO, Advertising, & GBP (Google Business Profile) services.

You have an Eau Claire business and want some real marketing online, one that is going to be digital marketing local to your city.  There are many ways to market these days, but some are better than others.  

Some like using ads and others SEO with not only for their site but also GBP (Google Business Profile), or the maps.

For advertising your company, there are many places you can be marketing.  For instance, Google or Facebook, are usually the top two.  There are tons of social networks out there that can have ads on them too.  It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what your budget is to start with them.

SEO is a great strategy for your website to be optimized not only for the search engines but for your visitors too.  If your site is search engine optimized properly, you could see your local company rank on Google on page one and that is where all the people searching for you are.  In some cases with search engine optimization, once you achieve a great ranking online, ads may no longer be needed.  And so your digital marketing solutions may just be search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing Services

One of the most important things in business today is a digital strategy. It’s more than just having an online presence, and includes everything from social media to search engine optimization (SEO). Social media helps your services become seen by new people that share similar interests with you. SEO boosts your rankings so potential customers can find out about you much easier when they’re searching for certain keywords or phrases related to what you do.

If you are a local business, you need to be found on Google so that your potential customers will find you. Every small business that wants more phone calls and sales should implement some type of SEO campaign. Just make sure you are getting the best for your business!  Many businesses need a helping hand and Eau Claire SEO can help with your online presence.

SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimization specifically designed with geographic targeting in mind – this means that Google optimizes its indexing algorithms so they can provide more relevant results when someone does a specific query like “bakery near me.” When done correctly, this will show the results of the most optimized bakery websites.

The closer you are to a business the more likely it is to show up in your search. But with a lot of extra effort, real SEO can make your search reach even farther on the world wide web!

Web Design Development

Website design is not too difficult, but it does take some skill and knowledge to put a site up that will be an asset for your company.  For the design itself, it depends on what you would like it to be.  It should be easy on the eyes when potential customers view it and easy to navigate for your potential clients.

If you have an older site and it is not mobile-friendly, it is time to get a newer better one.  If you don’t have a website yet, what are you waiting for?

The best way to pick out a newer design is to pick three websites that you like and tell us what you like about them and why.  This helps us with the development of the custom design you want.

Website Help for Eau Claire Websites

To get leads from your website, you should a strong call to action, a clickable phone number, and a contact form so potential clients can request your services and connect with you.

What value do I get from your web design?

  • WordPress websites created with Gutenberg
  • Responsive web design / Mobile Friendly (Can be seen on all devices)
  • Pass Google Web Vitals for fast load time
  • Service Pages
  • Design digital content up to 10,000 words
  • Important pages: Privacy policy, Terms of Service, Contact, About
  • A responsive website design (Can be seen on all devices)
  • GBP (Google Business Profile) updated and fixed
  • Hook up Google Analytics (lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as who is using your site, how they found it, and more)
  • Hook up Search Engine Console (helps to measure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance of your site’s traffic, rankings, and technical structure)
  • Created for the user or UX (user experience) with UI (user intent)

The strategy here is to create a web presence that is designed for the web and your potential clients.  Which in turn can aid in your marketing efforts to see how well you are doing online and have a great foundation to start ranking in the search engine result pages or SERPs.

Internet Marketing Service Eau Claire WI

We offer free website and GBP (Google Business Profile) audits to see what may need to be fixed and worked on.  You can either do these yourself or hire an internet marketing company that has inside knowledge of the two most important assets that every local company should be taking care of.

Do you want an awesome Wisconsin marketing company that will help your company get an ROI (Return On Investment)?

The first thing we need to do is get an audit of your GBP and website, we do this for every client we work with.  It will let us know what is happening with your online presence. If you decide to hire us, we also look at your competition and see what they are doing, and then we work to make your assets better!

With our digital marketing services, we can help your business grow with Eau Claire marketing.

Ready to start? Contact us today!

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