GBP Optimization

GBP (Google Business Profile) Optimization

Green Bay GBP optimization. Google Business Profile is where people searching online can find your business in the Google Maps section when it’s optimized properly.

Almost all business owners on Google have a Google Business Profile page. If you don’t have one, get one, it’s Free!

If you are not familiar with it, Google Business Profile or GBP is the place where people can find your local business location within the local search results and can get direction requests and other important information on Google Maps.

Customers find you in other places around the web too, when they use a mobile device within your service area. This can get you more phone calls and visits from your customers which can help your business.

What Is Google Business Profile Listings Optimization?

This is the process to optimize your Google Business Profile page for better visibility on Maps and search engines.

Combining your website SEO with your GBP listing after it’s been optimized is a win-win scenario!

Google gives away these for free and anything they give away, take it! Use it to its fullest capacity. As of right now, these are hotter than hotcakes! Why? Because Google owns it and anything they own that can help local businesses should be utilized to the max. They have emphasized that this is the big dog within the business search.

Claim your GBP

Claiming is the first step in optimizing for Google Business Profile. The next step after claiming is taking advantage of all the tools that are available for editing your information so people know what’s going on with your company.

After claiming the Google Business Profile listing, you will have to verify that it is a real business. Usually, a postcard will arrive in the mail about a week after you claim your business. Just follow the steps on the postcard to verify and claim your business.

Google Business Profile Listing Steps:

You can fill out all kinds of groovy information about your business!

The first thing to do is fill out your Business Category

Then enter your business Information:

  • Business Name
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Services
  • Website URL (if you have one)
  • Business Description
  • Add photos
  • Add videos
  • Cover photo
  • And more!

Once your business profile is fully filled out, people will know what your business is about and where it’s located. They can also contact you via phone, email, or message if they need to get in touch with someone before coming into your place of business. It’s a win-win for both parties!

Be sure that all of the information on the Page is accurate and up to date.

Also, make sure to optimize your Google business profile and everything is filled out and matches exactly with your Website and other places online, like your social media networks. Just like NAP or Name Address and Phone Number. This helps your business on Google and potential customers can find you better in the search engine.

If you use 123 SEO Street, Green Bay WI, then the same would be on both. Not 123 SEO Street, Green Bay Wisconsin on your GBP and then on your website would be 123 SEO st. Green Bay WI <– that doesn’t work. Make it congruent.

Business Categories

Categories are used to organize businesses by categories, such as dentists or chiropractors. The category may be something specific about your business like a certain type of martial arts? Not all categories are created equal. You may have to drill down to see if yours is on there and if it’s specific to your business.

Choosing the right category is extremely important, as it could help you achieve better map placement.

Choosing the wrong category can make it difficult to rank in the maps section.

Google Business Profile Account Optimization

Optimization is a great starting point for a local business to rank in the local search.

There are many steps involved in optimizing your GBP page, and it can be time-consuming when you’re not familiar with how to use all of the features.

When done correctly, however, there are many benefits and a great return on investment from this form of digital marketing that should not be ignored by many small, medium, or large-sized business owner who wants their customer base to grow exponentially over time without spending more money than they already do.


The Benefits of Optimizing your Google Business Profile Account

Better ranking on Google Maps, so customers can find you more quickly. This will lead to increased traffic and customer numbers both online and in-person when people visit your website or location-specific page with the intent to purchase a product from you.

More sales leads for your business as natural local SEO attracts more visitors who want what they have available because it includes many positive characteristics that others don’t offer – such as price point, quality of service, etc. You can get increased visibility by getting in front of potential new customers faster than other companies that may not be using this form of optimization at all.

When someone does a Google search and they search for the category of your business, you want them to find your business at the top.

How Do I Use Google Business Profile Listing?

Once everything is filled out on your business profile correctly, then the fun begins. In your GBP dashboard, you can:

  • Create a Google blog post (with a call to action)
  • Answer Q A section (always answer questions)
  • Reply to Reviews

Make the posts entertaining, informative, and most importantly of all, make them value-driven. Don’t try to sell all the time, people want to know more about local businesses, teach them a little about what you do and why you do it.

Can’t think of anything? Talk about something that happened that day. Make a theme of the week, and talk about the same subject in different ways.

Create a Google post only once a day, five days out of the week. You won’t need more than that. Too many Google posts can look spammy as with any social network.

The Google Business Profile insights panel found within your Google Business Profile Dashboard provides business owners with customer engagement data derived from their GBP listing.

What Do I Do With Reviews?

Within your Google Business Profile Listing you should be doing:

  • Like them
  • Respond to them

Use their name, area, and keywords when you answer them back, it helps!

Create long answers, keyword-rich, and let them know you hope they like their new siding or their back is getting better, etc. You get the idea.

Respond to both negative reviews and positive reviews.

How Much Does This Cost?

Once you have claimed your business profile and verified it.


You can make Google Business Profile posts and respond to reviews to your heart’s content. Customer reviews are a ranking factor. Whether they are Google reviews or found elsewhere online.

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