GBP Management

GBP Management

GBP Management – Local Ads Agency offers Google Business Profile management for local businesses in order to increase their GBP ranking and rank higher in the maps.

It’s no secret that Google is the most important and powerful search engine on the internet. Local Ads Agency is a company that offers management services for local businesses in order to increase their GBP (Google Business Profile) ranking. Management of your GBP has become popular over the last few years because of how much GBPs can help with SEO.

GBP Management provides assistance with various aspects of a business. Here is what our package provides for your local business:

  • 4-5 Days a week of postings (depending on holidays, etc.)
  • Responding to Reviews (both negative and positive)
  • Managing Edits
  • Posting Offers
  • Adding 10 Questions and Answers per month
  • Create Services (if needed)
  • Create Products (if needed)
  • Adding Photos Monthly

Can I manage my own GBP?

Sure, if you have the time to do so and fits into your schedule. But, GBP management is not an easy task to take on. So if you are having trouble finding the time or don’t have much knowledge about GBPs, our GBP Management service may be right for your local business.

How many posts should you make?

For best practices, you should have one post per day that your business is open. For most, this will be Monday through Friday. This shows Google that you are an active partner and are willing to go the extra mile. Google will reward you by having your GBP higher in the search, but there is more to it than that. Please read on…

Responding to Reviews:

Whether your reviews are good or bad, they should be responded to in a positive way, no matter what the review may be. You are allowed so many characters, not words to respond with and you should use most of that space to respond with. Call out their name, and location if applicable, thank them and also use the service they used. Always be polite and respond in a positive way.

Managing Edits:

Sometimes edits are needed on your GBP and this can be tedious work, but necessary for your GBP to be up to par with your services and offers.

Posting Offers:

How often you post offers and what type of offers you post should be changing. Here are some helpful tips to remember about GBP offers:

Offers should be directly related to your GBP. Offering discounts on nails while you are a dentist is not helpful or effective, but offering discounts for teeth whitening would be beneficial. Offer more than just one discount per month because people have needs that change over time and it will keep them coming back if they know you can fulfill their needs and wants.

Post offers at least once per week and not much more, otherwise, it may look too spammy.

Adding 10 Questions and Answers per month:

Your GBP should have Q & A’s for the visitors that come to your Google Business Profile. This will help when people are searching for answers to their questions about your business or services. Keep in mind the questions should be about your business and not promotional. As with offers, too many questions and answers per month may look spammy to Google, and not having enough just looks like a ghost town.

Create Services:

If your business has other services that may need to be added to GBP, we can do that too. This may not be needed, but it is there for you if it is.

Create Products:

This is the same with creating services, it may not be needed, but is there in case you have products to add to your GBP.

Adding Photos Monthly:

You should have photos added to your GBP monthly. This helps for your images to be found in Google for images of your business. Even though we add photos to your posts, images by themselves do help your GBP in Google.

Is your business in need of GBP Management?

If you don’t have the time or are not sure how to manage your own GBP, it may be a good idea to hand off the grunt work to someone else.

GBP Management is a service that we provide that is fully customizable to your business and needs. Contact us today for more information on how GBP management can help you in Google Search!