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At Local Ads Agency, we provide free website and GBP audit services in Green Bay. Audits show how to improve online presence and be more search engine friendly.

A website audit from Green Bay, WI helps you see if your site is optimized properly for the search engines. When a website is fixed, it has better SERP results.

A website audit is a deep analysis of your site’s code and content with the intent to diagnose what may need to be fixed with it.

Website audits often include things like: checking all links, URLs, and images; ensuring that links are working correctly or redirecting properly; identifying pages that have duplicate content across different parts of the site.

It’s important that you spot and eliminate technical problems on your site before they grow into an SEO problem.

Apart from creating a not-so-smooth user experience for your visitors, you also risk losing your rankings — or even not getting your whole site crawled and indexed by search engines at all!

That is why before you start optimizing your pages for target keywords, you need to run a comprehensive site audit to identify and fix issues that can cost you search engine rankings.

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A good starting point for a small website!

After you get the website audit template, you will need someone to fix the technical aspects and on-page factors.

From an SEO perspective, it’s great to have users interact with your user-friendly website.

A content audit is included and you should have a blog with a blog post per service page to help the website visitors learn more about your services.

How often should you get a site audit?

That depends on your website, but it’s safe to say that if you haven’t conducted one in the last few months or so (or more), now is a good time. You should have regular website audits a few times a year to make sure your SEO efforts are on point.

There are a lot of SEO issues on many websites, with a website auditing process, you can learn how your website performance is doing.

Are broken links bad for a website?

Yes, links that are broken or don’t go anywhere are really bad not only from Google’s standpoint but also for the users of your website.

Will my web pages rank in the search engines after an audit?

No, the audit just lets you know what needs to be fixed. When everything on your website is corrected, you should see better search results.

After the search engine optimization is completed, it is a good idea to have some sort of content strategy. Content is king and the more quality content you put out the more visitors you should receive to your website.

With your pages ranking and more organic traffic going to your website, you will have more business growth.

What a SEO Audit Checklist entails:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Broken Links
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Speed
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Links
  • Blog
  • Page Titles
  • Title Tags
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Online Presence
  • Meta Tags
  • Page Speed
  • Image Files
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Devices
  • Website Content
  • Page Load Times
  • Technical SEO
  • Technical Audit
  • XML Sitemap
  • Loading Speed
  • Clear Call To Action
  • Important Pages
  • Website Design
  • Page Content
  • Content Structure
  • Plus more…

These are just some of the items that we go over in website audits.

Audit for Website

What tools do you use for an SEO website audit?

Besides visual, these are the audit tools we use; Screaming Frog and SEO Power Suite. There are many other tools besides the tools mentioned, but these are some of the ones that we use.

These make sure your meta description is correct for the main page and other pages of your website. This can be a ranking factor that needs to be correct.

For visual, we check to see if your website has an XML file. I also check for calls to action on the pages on your website which can help convert visitors plus if you have a sticky header. Plus more…

There are many tools to audit your website, but I use the main ones above.

How can I get an SEO audit for my local website?

For a free consultation on your website audit, just send us your name, email, and URL of your website and we can look at what needs to be fixed.

When you get the website audit checklist, you can get your web designer or SEO person to fix the problems and get you back up in the SERPs when the search engine crawlers re-crawl your website.

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