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Frequently Asked Questions Internet Marketing Service
Internet Marketing Services FAQs
What is internet marketing example?

To establish a website, GMB and/or social media accounts to advertise products or services. You’ll want to consult with an expert on the aspects that interest you for the best results, and we’re always happy to help through our service 🙂

Which online marketing is the best?

The best form of online marketing is whatever you can afford, and whatever your budget allows. But, the number one way to market your business online is through your website and Google My Business. Almost 85% of Internet users rely on the power of search engines to find information about products and services they need.

Paid search advertising, such as Adwords and Facebook Ads, is also an effective type of online marketing for businesses because it targets people with a specific set of keywords that you choose.

What are some digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services are available in several different forms. For one, there is the digital marketing consultant, who provides to you consulting for what your company’s needs may be.

On top of that, there are digital advertising agencies that will help you advertise on social media & other ad-buying websites.

Finally, there are SEO services like search engine optimization and development.

Digital Marketing Services can take many different forms depending on what kind of service it is providing for your business, but they all fall under the realm of digital marketing which helps make businesses more accessible to potential customers.

In what ways can online marketing be profitable to me?

The main benefits of online marketing include its ability to drive leads 24 hours a day. Online marketing provides real-time data so your business can get feedback fast and make changes quickly too.

Optimize your site for keywords with high monthly searches. This will help you rank higher in SERPS so this will bring more traffic to your website. Also, do the same for your GMB and remember, searches in the maps get more clicks.

Publish blog posts weekly containing valuable information related to the industry you are representing. Publish posts 5 times a week to your GMB, to keep it updated and relative to your customers needs.

What is another name of internet marketing?

It is more commonly called “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing is currently the most powerful way to find new customers and keep in contact with existing ones. This is undeniably where companies need to start when building an online presence or looking to expand their current one.

What is the traditional marketing?

Historically, marketers used these four main kinds of advertisements to reach customers:
* Print (magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc.)
* Broadcast (TV commercials)
* Direct mail (mail-in coupons, promotional discounts sent with products)
* Phone/outdoor advertising like billboards.

These days with the rise in digital marketing many companies use internet sites like Facebook pages, Google, websites, and others in order to advertise their products. This changes how people interact with one another when considering what they want to purchase, via ratings and reviews.

Marketing Agency FAQs
Marketing Agency FAQs
What a marketing agency can do?

A marketing agency can improve your SEO, create marketing campaigns for you, provide you with branding services, and more. A marketing agency knows the online landscape, how it works and most importantly they know your audience.

What are the services of a marketing agency?

Marketing agencies help clients build and manage their marketing services. If you’re a chiropractor, dentist, home improvement specialist, or any other business owner looking for marketing services, we’ll make sure your marketing is the best it can be in order to help you grow your current customer base.

Types of services that are best for local businesses are: Web design, SEO, GMB optimization and Facebook advertising.

How do I find a marketing agency?

You are here! Just contact us or set up a strategy session.

What do digital marketing companies do?

The best digital marketing companies are at the forefront of new developments in web development, search engine optimization and Google My Business. They also work across social networks, like Facebook advertising to deliver compelling messages/services for local businesses.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing agency?

Hiring a marketing agency provides you with the advantage of not having to train your team or do it yourself, which is one of the most valuable assets in your company. Instead, businesses are able to focus on doing what they do best – servicing their customers.

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

That depends on your budget and your knowledge of online marketing. You can do it yourself, but it can take a lot of time to fully grasp the online digital marketing landscape as you try to keep up with your own business needs.

It is a never-changing world online and social networks have updates as well as does Google and you need to keep updated on these algorithm changes. If not, you could lose all your rankings or budget to a mistake a digital marketing agency would otherwise be aware of.

Website Designer FAQs
Website Designer FAQs
What is the best website design company?

There are a ton of web design companies out there that claim to be the “best”. So, choose wisely! You could have the prettiest website out there, but if no one comes to it, then it is just a virtual paper weight.

A real web designer should have knowledge in optimizing it for search engines like Google, plus it should be easy for the user (visitor) to navigate and find what they are looking for. A website should be created to make sales and keep your customers happy!

What makes a great web design?

The best web designs are those with an attention to detail, particularly in the navigation area, contact page, and service area. The navigation is designed with usability in mind to make it as easy as possible for users to find their way through the site. A good contact page includes a working opt-in form and phone number for customer inquiries. Potential customers will know when something doesn’t work properly – don’t take any chances! Hire professionals who are experts in WordPress website design if you want your website to be found online and on mobile devices across all platforms.

How much does a website design cost?

High prices usually indicate high expertise and professionalism which translates into better work in the long run. Low prices usually indicate lower quality and longer turnaround times which can delay revenue streams or create a bad impression on potential customers who may still think they’re receiving great service. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Whomever you choose to create your website, make sure you have your website designed not only professionally, but correctly, you should know that it will need to be optimized for the search engines.

What is website designing?

Many website designs are rather simple and contain little more than graphics, text, and maybe a few embedded media files. Besides a website’s layout, it can include what type of colors, type of fonts, text size and positioning of images, and other relevant items a website should have on it.

How do I choose a web design company?

Before choosing to work with any web design company, it is essential that you know what type of site you want and how you want it to look. Look for three websites that are in your niche/service and explain why you like them. This will help when designing your website.

Choose one that knows about on-page optimization so you don’t have to hire two different marketing companies. Getting it all done at once is the best way to choose a web design company.

How does web design help improve your business?

Website design improves your company’s reputation and trustworthiness because it enhances its Google rankings as well as the appearance of being reputable.

Adding the correct keywords to a website with titles and content is an important aspect of web design for every business. When consumers search online, some businesses will utilize certain terms or phrases that they desire visitors to discover information about them. A website should be optimized in order to enhance the likelihood that clients will locate their services via internet searches.

What is a good software for website design? Why?

WordPress! Because it has the best functionality for a website. With WordPress a website can be created to load fast and that means less bounce rate, plus Google loves a website that loads fast.

WordPress can create a professional web design and can utilize plenty of plugins that allow you to do things like easily include Google Maps into webpages, add opt-in forms, and embed videos, plus other needed functions too. It also allows for easy integration with 3rd party tools.

Advertising Agency FAQs
Advertising Agency FAQs
How does an advertising agency work?

An advertising agency creates advertisements for a business. They are typically in charge of creating, running the ad, and putting it in front of your targeted audience to get an ROI for the business they are promoting for. Advertising agencies can also provide consulting on how best to advertise their product or service without coming off like a salesperson.

What’s the benefit of using an ad agency?

Can create better campaigns than if you had done it yourself.
Create a campaign that will be successful and in a shorter period of time then someone that is less knowledgeable
Have great communication (copywriting skills)
Knowing beforehand if a campaign is worth trying before spending money on it.

What are some of the services provided by advertising agencies?

For local businesses, ad agencies create the ad and a landing page and if needed a thank you page. They mostly create the ads on behalf of local businesses for selling their services with an ROI.

What does a copywriter do in advertising?

Copywriters write the content of the ad, so it flows and conveys the message to its intended audience. They write the copy that sells your service(s). Without copywriters it would be a bland world in the advertising world.

Are advertising agencies still relevant in today’s world?

For some, yes! For others not that relevant. It all depends on what your business needs are. If you need clients within a week or two, then it is relevant, or you have been running ads with an agency and they are kicking the clients to you every week of every month, then yes. Now, if your website is rocking in the top 3 of the maps for your main keyword(s), then you might not need an ad agency. It all depends on how your business is set up and what it needs to keep growing.

How do you pick an advertising agency to work with?

Pick one that is up to date on the regulations of the particular advertising outlet you plan to use. You don’t want your account banned. (Although some (FB) likes to do this for no reason). It can be overturned if nothing was done wrong, just need to contact a rep.

Make sure they show you how you are doing with all your campaigns, this should be done weekly. The stats in the back end of an ad campaign are crucial as to how well an ad is doing and can tell what needs to be fixed to move it in the right direction.

Most importantly pick one that you can both work together to get your business growing and will get you a nice return on investment.

SEO Services FAQs
SEO Services FAQs
What is the best SEO service provider?

Google reaches billions of people, finding them products and information through search. No company can adequately compete with Google for finding things in the fastest possible way. For any website owner looking to rank higher in a web search engine’s results pages, an SEO service provider is an absolute must-have

What are the benefits of SEO services?

The benefits of SEO services are the ability to rank higher in SERPS that target your main keyword(s). Getting increased organic traffic without spending money on PPC other other advertising networks, with the number one benefit is getting great conversion rates.

A lot of companies rely on search engine optimization, but not everyone knows what it can do for them. Common benefits are local visibility, increased qualified traffic to your website, and an increase in conversions. A lot of phone calls to your business is the real benefit.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. This often entails both general optimizations such as content development and specific SEO.

What is SEO services?

SEO Services are more or less on-page optimization. This can entail many facets like content, images, title tags, alt tags, etc. It is the process of making the web pages of a website more visible in the SERPs and thereby ranking higher and getting more traffic.

What is image optimization?

Image optimization is the process of keeping the image a decent quality while reducing the file size of the image. Naming the image appropriately and utilizing alt tags for all-around optimization. This also helps the search engines know what the image is about.

What is local SEO?

Owning a local business and wanting more customers in the door, local SEO can help do that. How? I am glad you asked…
When you do a search for Dentists in City, you will see ads on the top or bottom, usually both. Now the maps section is actually the GMB or Google My Business and they rank high and get the most traffic. Below the three-pack in the maps is the organic section and the top ones get the most clicks over the lower ones.

To put it this way, local SEO will get you in the maps and or organic section and get your phone ringing!

Why should I hire professional SEO services?

Google has this thing called an algorithm and they like to change it with major updates once or twice a year. If you are not up on the changes, it could destroy a company that is ranking high. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional SEO service so you can keep peace of mind. If you are a local business, hire a local SEO pro like us!

What is the importance of a local SEO service provider?

Providers of search engine optimization (SEO) services can help your business rank higher in organic, or unpaid, search results on Google by using a set of skilled techniques to increase the quantity and quality of relevant traffic.

Provide high-quality content about your services to people who are actively looking online for it and giving them what they want.

Website Audit FAQs
Website Audit FAQs
What is a website audit?

A website audit is a process that identifies where your website can be improved upon and fixed.

The goal is to identify the website’s strengths, weaknesses, design issues, and keyword performance in order to improve upon them.

What is the best available tool for web auditing?

There are many tools that can audit a website, so there is no clear answer. The first and foremost is visual, if you know what to look for, you can see a lot that needs improvement just by looking at a website.

Besides paid tools, there are some free ones and Google provides one that is pretty good, but I always check it with a paid program as well to make sure they are on par with what may need to be fixed.

What are some free tools to check the performance of my website?

Google has something called Lighthouse and provides a great visual and lets you know what needs to be rectified with any errors.

Gtmetrix.com is another that is free and shows how well your site is optimized for mobile.

Screaming Frog has a free option for doing site audits too.

If you really want to get into it, just search Google for: free online audit tools.

If you have a WordPress website, Google has a plugin that helps you see how well you are doing online. You just have to hook up your Google analytics and Google Search Console to it. Check it out, it’s called Site Kit. I’m loving it!

How much should a marketer charge for a website audit?

Some SEO companies charge a lot for this and is not really necessary to make someone pay for an audit. It’s like someone hooking up a OBDII to your vehicle to see what is wrong with it and not charging for if.

We provide a free website and GMB audit if you are interested in knowing what needs to be fixed on your site or Google My Business. Just contact us for your free audit!

What should a website audit check for?

A website audit should check for technical and navigation issues, plus what might be missing on your website.

Do you have all the pages that are necessary? Like your contact page, privacy policy, terms of service, about, etc.

Is your site missing alt tags, utilizing the correct H tags, etc.

A website audit should check for everything that is holding it back from ranking in the search engines.

Why website audit is necessary in SEO?

A website audit is necessary for SEO because an audit will show why the website is not ranking and what needs to be fixed to get better rankings in the SERPs.

How do I rank higher on Google with a website audit?

You don’t. An audit will just let you know what needs to be fixed. Once fixed you should be able to rank higher in Google.

GMB Optimization FAQs
GMB Optimization FAQs
What is the benefit of local SEO with GMB optimization?

Your website should mirror your GMB. They should both show the same services that you offer. With local SEO you can get your website to rank higher. With your GMB optimized you can get your GMB ranking in the Maps. When both are ranking on the same SERPs both in the maps and organic section you will get a ton more traffic to your website.

How do I optimize my GMB profile?

Make sure it is filled out completely and optimized 100%. You need to have images, company info, hours of operation, etc. filled out exactly and precisely both on the GMB and website. Make sure you have the correct Main Category also. Get Reviews!

What are some ways to maximize business using Google My Business?

After it has been optimized and filled out completely, create posts 5 times a week and add an image too. Get reviews and like them, answer them using keywords and or city.

How does Google My Business help promote businesses?

By being in the Map section. GMB has all the pertinent information about your business in one handy area. It will show the URL to your website, your address plus driving directions and your phone number. It also shows reviews, how many and how many stars a business has. Important information that can help a customer contact you.

How can I rank in a Google top 3 positions?

First, you need to have your GMB optimized fully. Then just add relevant helpful posts and images. Get a ton of 5-star reviews and answer them all. Be proactive with it. Treat it like gold, because it is!

Does Google My Business help me rank in the maps?

Yes! Google My Business is pretty much the same as the maps. Just more to it in the backend where the magic happens.

GMB Management FAQs
GMB Management FAQs
Why would I need someone to manage my GMB?

There are a few reasons… You don’t have time to manage it yourself or are not sure how to manage it properly. If you want it to be handled professionally, then it’s time to hire someone to manage it for you. A Ranking GMB is gold to a business!

What are the benefits of having someone manage my GMB?

You don’t need to do it yourself and can work on what you do best, work on your services that people want. It can help to increase your ranking of the GMB, provides great customer service through reviews, and generate more leads from phone calls to your business.

Do you add posts?

Yes! We add posts 4-5 times per week depending on holidays.

Do you add images?

Yes. We add images that are optimized for their main keywords.

Do you add Questions and Answers?

Yes. We add ten questions and answers per month to your GMB.

Do you take care of reviews?

Yes. Whether they are good or bad we treat them the same and try to rectify the bad ones if possible. Also, some bad reviews can be taken down, but not always, so prepare even if you do them yourself. For bad reviews, try to get them to call so you can find out what they are writing a bad review for. If you can somehow rectify the situation and they are a bit happier, ask for a better review.

Facebook Advertising FAQs
Facebook Advertising FAQs
Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook?

It depends. If you are killing it in the SERPs you may not need advertising at all. But, most businesses aren’t doing that well on the Search Engine Result Pages.

If you need customers within a couple of weeks, then advertising on Facebook is something you should look into. Facebook’s targeting is one of the best online for advertising. You can reach specific demographics, locations, and interests with great accuracy.

Do Facebook ads really work?

Yes. Some businesses do nothing but Facebook ads. It all depends on what your business needs are and what you want for your business.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

It depends, but for local ads, $15 – $20 per day is the norm. If you have an advertising company doing it for you, expect to pay their fee also. Most advertiser managers charge anywhere from $1,000 per month up to $5,000 per month and up.

Is boosting post worth it?

No. If you are a local business, you will be targeting people out of your area. The best way to utilize Facebook ads is to run real ads that will get people to sign up or call your business. You just need the right offer and presentation.

Do you need a Facebook page to run ads?

Yes. You can’t run any ads unless you have a business page.

Does Facebook have analytics when running ads?

Yes. The analytics can tell you (if you know what to look for) what is wrong with an ad and what you might need to change to make it run for better performance. Analytics is great for seeing how well your ad is performing also and if you are targeting the right group of people too.