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As a local business owner, you may be wondering if Facebook advertising is right for you. When it comes to social media advertising efforts, the best place for small and medium-sized businesses is Facebook. In Facebook ads manager, it’s easy to set up an ad campaign that will get your company in front of Facebook audiences and drive traffic back to your website or landing page.

Advertisements on Facebook are a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to advertise their product or service. With TV, Radio, and Billboards you can’t really track the people coming from them. With advertising on Facebook, you can see who signed up for your offers and even how many clicks your Facebook campaign got.

Top three reasons why you need to advertise on Facebook:
1. You get the opportunity to reach your desired audience with an impossibly high level of accuracy
2. A small size budget will work due to Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities
3. Grow your business and your revenue

Facebook advertising is affordable, effective, and has proven results because Facebook ads work!

What is Facebook ad marketing?

Advertisements on Facebook are based on the cost-per-click (CPC) model, where you have to pay the network every time a person clicks on your ad.

Facebook advertising helps local businesses increase visibility for their ads, build brand awareness, and measure campaign goals to help them create better-optimized campaigns in the future.

Facebook has made itself the social media advertising leader with its increasing user base and high numbers with the most available audience targeting options.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options for businesses to market their products or services. Facebook ads are an affordable, low-cost way to advertise on the platform that allows you to reach your desired audience with precision and accuracy. Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities allow advertisers to craft messages specifically tailored toward their customers’ interests while tracking how many clicks the campaign gets.

With Facebook ads, this is a type of interruption marketing. You are interrupting people scrolling on their feed when they see your ad with a great offer. They click on it and fill out their information.

This type of paid advertising is a numbers game.

You will not always be able to get them:
• on the phone
• in the door
• or sell them

After 72 hours most leads are dead if you did not get in touch with them. People forget and sometimes don’t remember signing up for an offer, it happens. No one gets 100% of the leads into customers.

Quick note: Before you run Facebook ads, be sure that EVERYONE that has access to your Business Manager also has two-factor identification or Facebook can shut you down.

Two Types of Facebook Ads:

Desktop news feed and mobile news feed.

Which one is the winner for your business in the Facebook feed? Most likely it will be mobile. But, you still need to test and find out if it is the clear winner for the ad placements. Testing a lot of different facets is part of being a Facebook business manager. You can add Instagram ads also and see how they work out too. There are a lot of little things that need to be tested and tweaked over time to keep the Facebook ad campaign going strong.

There are many more different ad formats in the ads manager:
• Dynamic ads
• Single image ad
• Carousel ad
• Multiple ads

Other things to consider for Facebook campaigns:
• Ad format
• Audience network
• Custom audiences
• location age gender
• lifetime budget
• Multiple ad sets
• lookalike audiences

Facebook Ads

What is involved in creating Facebook ads?

There are 3 Levels of the Facebook Ads Campaign:
• Campaigns
• Ad Set
• Ads

The campaign level is where you choose your campaign objective
• What kind of FB Ad do you want to run
• What is your goal for that FB Ad

In ads manager in the ad set of your ad account, the Ad Sets level is where you choose most of your settings
• Targeting or your target audience
• Budget
• When the Ads will run
• etc.

Ads level is the part that people see, the ad types
• The Ad
• The Image
• The Text

Within the Facebook ad manager, besides image ads, you can also run Facebook video ads or carousel ads for your custom audience.

Things needed to start for the best Facebook ads?
• A Facebook page or Facebook business page
• Facebook Pixel (on your website and/or landing page)
• Images
• Content
• Offer

Creating a successful Facebook advertising strategy will require careful consideration of details or the Facebook ad specs, such as the number of characters, image size, and campaign objective.

What is it that I do as a Facebook Ads Manager?

A client hires me to run Facebook ad campaigns or manage ads for them to bring in leads, prospects, or potential clients.

With your first ad, I am putting out an offer and Facebook users are raising their hands saying they are interested. I send the leads to the client and they are following up with them and signing them up and become a member or hopefully patient or client for life.

I bring in prospects with paid traffic and a consistent flow of potential clients and that way my clients can grow their business and be happy!

  1. Create Ads for them
    • Writing the words, putting up the image(s)
    • Creating the Call To Action button
  2. Technical Side
    • Clicking the right buttons and toggles. Choosing the right settings and checkboxes, etc. to make sure the ad performs and your ad gets put in front of the right people.

What does a lead consist of?
A lead is someone that clicked on the ad and entered their information.

I report metrics weekly to my clients. Explain to them why things went up or down and what I did to fix it.

You’re a local business, and you provide great service or are an online brand in need of consistent growth. You have the capacity to handle more leads and customers. You either have follow-up systems set up or are willing to invest in one. This is about partnership – so we both must work together to ensure we see success.

Unlike website traffic to your blog post, with a social media strategy like Facebook ads, you will be getting people to click on your own link and sign up for your offers in no time.

Facebook Advertising Green Bay?

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