Scott LaPlante owner of Local Ads Agency.

Scott LaPlante owner of Local Ads Agency.

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Did you know that the “about page” is most often the second most visited page on your site? Visitors want to know who they may do business with and want to collaborate with people, not just a company.

Quick backstory:
My dad told me a story of his after he got out of the Navy. He was an electrician and worked in an appliance repair store. His boss used to tell him “just fix it enough so they’ll come back next month!” He ended up quitting because he wanted to fix it so it would keep working and not just be temporarily fixed. I feel the same when it comes to marketing online. It should be fixed correctly the first time and not half-heartedly.

After I got out of the Air Force, I worked in a factory for a long time ago. Then, I had a medical problem that caused me lots of pain. So, instead of just feeling bad about it and not doing anything, I decided to look into a different career path. I went online and I chose to help local businesses with their websites and rank them higher so they could get more people in their doors.

Then in 2015, I wanted to learn more and found a friend that taught me about Facebook Advertising. So, I got into that too! I will most likely get into YouTube and Google Ads also. So stay tuned…

Back to today:
I have a few friends on Facebook that are some of the top SEO guys around and I have learned a lot more this year that is killer for local businesses. None of this stuff about selling backlinks and crap like that (with the new Google update, some of them can actually harm a site.) The best thing that a local business can do these days is to have their website and Google Business Profile (GBP) optimized properly. Is yours?

Whether you are a local dentist, chiropractor, gym owner, or other service-based business, traditional ways of advertising and marketing are not working like they used to. Most people are on their phones and looking at social media sites or searching Google for what they want or need. You want your business in front of where most of those people are. With a real internet marketing service, you can too!

Being a local business owner yourself, do you know what local business owners really want? (I know you already know the answer.) 🙂

Local business owners want one thing and one thing only. Leads! Whether that be by the phone ringing or people walking in their door. Fresh Leads monthly if not weekly. Businesses want a better return on their investment and they should!

🙁 Sadly we have come to the end of my About Page. But, if you are looking to get more local business leads in your door…all you have to do is schedule a strategy call to see if your business would be a great fit for us to collaborate with:

Our Mission:
Specializing in helping local business owners drive traffic to their websites and offers via Web Design, SEO & FB Ads to generate more customers in the process.

Thank you for reading and have a very prosperous day!